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Personality - Our Preferences

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

Coaches, as we all know, different kids respond to different forms of instruction. In order to best understand how to give them what they need, the below information is worth noting. It comes from the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

The INFP is the idealist The ENFP is the inspirer The INTP is the thinker The ENTP is the visionary

The INFJ is the protector The ENFJ is the giver The INTJ is the scientist The ENTJ is the executive

The ISFP is the artist The ESFP is the performer The ISTP is the mechanic The ESTP is the doer

The ISFJ is the nurturer The ESFJ is the caregiver The ISTJ is the duty fulfiller The ESTJ is the guardian

First, and possibly most important, is to remember, the 4-letter personality type strictly outlines preferences. It has nothing to do with ability or function.

Coaches and Parents, I recommend you follow the link below to take an online assessment to better understand your personality preferences, to identify the lens through which you look.

The second letter - Sensing (S) or iNtuition (N) - is the way we take in information. The way we make decisions is through the third letter - Thinking (T) or Feeling (F). Those two dichotomies make up the bulk of our communication styles.

Additionally, and also important to remember, as Carl Jung spoke of, is that we often shift slightly (and some not so slightly) in a range of personality preferences based on the situation (work, relationships, how we learn, etc). Mostly, the interaction we have with other, different personality types can draw out or suppress aspects of our personality.

See the website below for more information.

Check out the Myers-Briggs website for more information. 

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