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Coach Sullivan's Reading Lists

Top 10
Sport Psychology

Click one of the links above to go to my reading list for that topic.

Why is reading important?

Here's a great article on the importance of reading

Many moons ago when I was just beginning my coaching career, a high school football coach asked me, "So, what are you reading?" My reply was not what he was looking for. I said, "What am I reading? I'm not really a reader." The next few minutes was a monologue from him educating me on the information and wisdom I was missing out on in text. 

Since then, I've poured through book after book and I'll say, he was right. The depth of information found in the pages is so much more than I could derive from another source. 

With that said, there are many great resources in podcast form, on YouTube, and on other websites. Follow one of those links to get to my list for each. 

As my elementary librarian would say, "Get to bookin'!"

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