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Practice is where development happens. Practice is where connections are made. It's where individuals improve their game and where teams come together. 

Yeah, we're talkin about practice. 

Baseball Practice Plans & Documents





Practice without a plan and structure, is gambling at best, and most likely is not close to achieving optimal development of the athletes. There is a right way to practice - keep it ability level appropriate (for each player) and ensure each practice achieves what the team (and the players) needs and builds on the previous practices. 

                                      DELIBERATE PRACTICE

Now, there was a little more to the story with Allen Iverson, but it's clear practice isn't important to him. Kobe gets it, though. 

Coaches, please email me your practice plans to be posted here. I'd love to get as many as possible to add to this site. In keeping with the theme of helping improve sports, it'll be posted here for other coaches to share. 


Please include your name and attach the practice plan in either PDF, DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX, ODP, ODT, or EPUB and please ensure it's under 15 MB. ​

Help me improve the sports experience for the athletes by helping other coaches. 

Coach Morgan Sullivan

Coach Morgan Sullivan

10U Baseball Practice Schedule

Coach Morgan Sullivan

Coach Morgan Sullivan

Baseball Phase Progression

Coach Morgan Sullivan

T-Ball/ U8 Baseball Practice Schedule

Coach Morgan Sullivan


11U Travel Baseball Practice Schedule

Coach Morgan Sullivan





This is something I've seen coaches and personal instructors mess up on a regular basis. 

Use the two pictures and video below to get an idea of where the tee should be placed and where each pitch should be hit. 

After that, if you still have questions, send me an email here

The RED arrows are for a right-handed hitter. 

The YELLOW arrows are for a left-handed hitter.