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Coaching Philosophy

Whatever principles you settle on based on your personal and coaching philosophy, they will undoubtedly be cumulative, having developed over time as a composite from all the coaches you have played for, from what you have learned and observed, from ideas gathered at coaching clinics, websites, podcasts, YouTube, or from the books. 


As you establish your coaching philosophy, consider some of the following points. These items tend to be of the greatest interest to those who employ coaches and, as such, are frequently part of the interview process. To completely develop your philosophy, it is important to understand how you feel about the items below.


1. The role of athletics in an educational institution

2. The purpose of athletics

3. The justification for the existence of athletics

4. The concern of winning and losing

5. Your responsibilities as a coach

6. Your goals as a coach

7. The relationship between you and your athletes

8. Discipline

9. The issue of playing time for each athlete

10. Player conduct in school and at athletic events

11. The life lessons you expect to teach your players through the arena of sports

12. You relationship with the parents


 Here is a good article by Bo Hanson regarding developing a coaching philosophy.


More links for development of a coaching philosophy:

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