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Emergency Action Plans

It's always shocking to me when I attend a youth athletic event and there is no medical equipment bag on site, the coaches have no idea where the nearest AED is, and no one can answer if it would be quicker to drive an injured player to the emergency room or wait for an ambulance.


Athletic injuries may occur at any time and during any activity. Youth

sports staff and volunteer coaches must be prepared for emergency

situations. This preparation begins with the development of an

Emergency Action Plan (EAP). This includes, but is not limited to, the

proper coverage of events, delineated responsibilities of the coaching

staff, maintenance of appropriate emergency equipment and supplies

and utilization of appropriate emergency medical personnel.



                                    Although the initial creation of an EAP may be intensive, it could save                                            someone’s life. Download the free EAP template from the National Alliance                                    for Youth Sports (NAYS) to help you begin the process. You can also find                                        other templates in the Documents section of this site. 



Here are some EAP development tips from NAYS. 

  • Have specific directions to each venue as this information will reduce the amount of time it takes emergency personnel to locate your exact spot. 

  • Have the name, phone number and directions to the hospital on the EAP. It will alleviate confusion and assist parents in getting to the hospital if needed. 

  • Make sure the door you identify as the entrance for emergencies does not have special locks and can be easily accessed.

  • Have a list of special medical conditions of athletes, but do not publish these.

  • Have a list of the athletes along with their emergency contact names and numbers but do not publish this information.

  • Post the basic EAPs near the emergency phone.

  • Designate individuals to open appropriate doors for emergency personnel; to flag down emergency personnel and help direct them to the sc, and to control the area and move bystanders away.


Follow the links below to some

example EAPs. 


Emergency Action Plan


Alabama A&M AEP

High School Example AEP

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