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Year-Round Baseball - Come on Man!

So, now is the time we're deep into fall baseball. All COVID aside, the boys of summer are still out there performing the same rotational movements when they throw, pitch, and swing the bat, as they did this summer if they were lucky enough to do so.

To put it all out there, I don't support most fall baseball programs. Some are money grabs, and some are set out with good intentions, believing that fall baseball is somehow required for a young man to play high school baseball someday.

It's just not the case - not necessary, and not overall helpful; definitely not for the risk.

Here's a quick explanation of Tommy John surgery - research shows this type of surgery has drastically increased in direct correlation with the popularity of year-round baseball. This surgery is being seen in 13 and 14-year old players and is attributed to the overuse during their younger years.

Many parents are in favor, and in search of a program that offers fall baseball. And some look for a program with year-round options because more is better, right?

Well, no. The research is clear on this. Not only is more worse for young baseball players physically and mentally, but it's also been shown to be a non-factor in making that high school team.

Just had a conversation today with a youth baseball coach. It went like this:

Me - "I don't plan to have my team practice October through January. We'll pick back up in February."

Him - "Well, you know the organization gives you two practice slots per week all through the fall and winter."

Me - "Yeah, I know. But it's not good for young bodies - the rotational movements they will conduct while throwing and swinging - there's just too much research against it."

Him - "But it's only two days per week."

Me - "Yeah, and it's not in line with the medical recommendation to take 4 months completely off of the rotational movement, and from throwing."

Him - "But you need that practice to play in the upper league. Your boys won't be ready!"

Dude, you just don't get it. It's science vs "Your boys won't be ready!"

Come on, man!

Below you'll find more information on this. Some is commercial information with bits of research and other links will lead you to the actual research conducted, peer-reviewed, and published.



Medical Express

Elite Diamond Performance

Dr. Brad Carofino

The North American Institute of Orthopedic Manual Therapy

Edmund Kenneth Kerut, MD, FACC; Denise Goodfellow Kerut, MD, FAAP; Glenn S. Fleisig, PhD; and James R. Andrews, MD

(if nothing else, just go to the Summary and Conclusion on page 3)

Damon H. Petty, MD, James R. Andrews, MD, Glenn S Fleisig, PhD, E. Lyle Cain, MD

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