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HECOstix - what's that?

Hand Eye Coordination & Reaction Speed Training Tool

What is this odd toy and how can we use it to help our athletes?


From their website:

  • IMPROVE COORDINATION & REFLEX SKILLS: Increase hand eye coordination, reflexes, tracking, and decision-making skills with HECOstix. It’s perfect to train your brain and improve your skills; or just to exercise and have fun with family and friends.

  • TRAINING FOR ANY SPORT: Used by coaches, athletes, and trainers across the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, UFC, and more; HECOstix are suitable for reaction speed, agility, and focus training in all sports; including football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and more.

  • VARIABLE DIFFICULTY: Make the game as difficult or easy as you need and work your way up with training. Add more spin, change your call out timing, increase speed, use color + hand combinations, or change throw orientation, etc… Start with a difficulty that is right for you.

  • WATERPROOF LIGHTWEIGHT CONSTRUCTION: Crafted from a proprietary blend of EVA foam with a textured grip; HECOstix are durable, 100% waterproof, float, and weigh only 5oz. The foam is firm while still being soft enough to avoid injury if you miss a catch.

  • KIDS LOVE HECOSTIX: Our innovative soft foam design allows it to be safely used with young children to play at the park, in a pool, or just at home. Enjoy limitless outdoor fun with simple games while improving your child’s cognitive processing, focus, and coordination.


1. Player will toss HECOstix and simultaneously call a corresponding color and/or hand Example: throwing player calls left blue, or right red 2 Receiving player will catch the color and/or hand called by throwing player Example: receiving player catches left blue, or right red 3 Throws must be "catchable" • Example: if the receiver is physically incapable of getting to the HECOstix or too much spin is used • after 2 bad throw faults, the receiver is awarded the point


1. First player to 11 points wins, must win by 2 2. Catch the color and/or hand called to get a point 3. Drop the HECOstix or fail to catch the color and/or hand called, and no point is awarded 4. Behind the back catch on the specified hand/color and 3 points are awarded

The HECOStix is marketed for basketball, football, baseball, softball, volleyball, tennis, lacrosse, and more.

When I use this with younger players, ages 12 and below, we partner up. The team tries to get as many consecutive catches as possible. And we change the rules a little.

- the HECOStix has to rotate one time, minimum

- after the team gets to 10, they must alternate which hand to catch with

The rules changes make it fit younger athletes a little better.

When working with my high school players, we've played a game of ultimate football with the HECOStix and it was a BLAST!


As stated in other blogs on this site, I'm really particular when it comes to recommending products. However, this is one of the core products that I highly recommend. It's so simple to add to a ball bag or a team bag and for the players to get together and play a quick game during pre-practice or pregame warmups.

Get your HECOStix here:

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