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Hitting Instruction with Coach Sullivan

While the video on personal hitting instruction from Domingo Ayala above is intended to be humorous, unfortunately, there is some truth to it. 


The business of personal baseball and softball instruction is heavily saturated with self-professed experts and those out to simply make easy money. 


  • Age appropriate instruction

  • Clear, concise communication with both the athlete and the family

  • Progressive instruction

  • Flaws corrected; successes celebrated

  • Fun learning environment

  • Use of cutting-edge technology

  • High-speed video feedback 

  • Personalized instruction


  • Bat speed is key

  • Every athlete is physically and mentally unique

  • Train for adjustability

  • Coach the environment more than mechanics

  • Communication is only as good as it's received

  • Focus on the swing attributes of the player and accentuate the positives while correcting the glaring mistakes


I believe I have a different approach to learning because of my exercise science background which provided a knowledge base in physiology and motor learning. What the brain needs is physical and visual feedback so the player can self-correct. What the brain does NOT need is a coach continuously talking to the player about what to do differently. It’s much tougher for the brain to translate spoken words into changes in movement. I want the athlete to move efficiently. 

I do this by providing a feedback center that will tell the athlete exactly whether they’re hitting the ball hard enough and at the right launch angle. And...BONUS - I'll tell you exactly which muscles you need to work and how you need to work them in order to help you increase exit velocity, improve launch angles and increase hitting power.

Diamond Kinetics Swing Tracker

The most complete pitch and swing analysis system available

Blast Baseball.JPG

Hudl Technique

Take a new approach to analyzing athlete performance. Record any technique to review in slow motion. Add notes and drawings to highlight necessary changes before sharing.

hudl Technique.JPG



I use Blast Motion swing trainer to see the exact swing path and speed. This provides immediate feedback allowing myself and the athlete to see what went right and what to work on. It shows us bat speed, attack angle, and swing plane. We can also display projected ball flight with trajectory, exit velocity, and launch angle. Hudl Technique software allows me to record and playback slow-motion videos. This amazing analysis software allows me to slow down the swing, place lines or circles where necessary, and to see the swing more efficiently. This video analysis will be done both during the session to show the player and family exactly what we're looking at, and after the session to allow me to properly develop upcoming training plans. The Pocket Radar can be used to analyze pitch speed, but also for exit velocity during hitting. 

The technologies working together in our cage can provide the hitter vast amounts of data to develop a comprehensive picture of the unique player. 

Pocket Radar 3.png
Pocket Radar.jpg
Pocket Radar 2.jpg
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