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Catcher Training with Coach Sullivan

"Catcher is a unique position on the baseball field. Squatting awkwardly in heavy gear and using one’s body to block the baseball may appear brutish compared with the graceful stances and fluid movements of the other positions. Yet catching involves mental gymnastics well beyond those required of any other player."

- James R. Arkin


What's the only position on the field that doesn't catch a ball?

- The catcher. Catchers receive.

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  • Age appropriate instruction

  • Clear, concise communication with both the athlete and the family

  • Progressive instruction

  • Flaws corrected; successes celebrated

  • Fun learning environment

  • Use of cutting-edge technology

  • Instant video feedback 

  • Personalized instruction


  • Catchers are leaders

  • Catchers work more and harder than any other player

  • Catcher training is specific

  • Receiving is the primary skill of a catcher

  • Blocking and Throwing Out Runners can change a game

  • Catchers are unsung heroes

  • A catcher must LOVE being a catcher

  • A good catcher is extremely marketable 

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Youth baseball and softball teams are severely lacking in catching instruction. This is due to a lack of knowledge on behalf of the coach, lack of emphasis in practice, and a lack of time to practice this specialized skill.

A catcher can change the game like no other player. Take for example the following game situation:

9U baseball,1st inning the opposing team stole 2nd base twice and 3rd base once - it was clear they planned to run. In the 2nd inning I put in my best catcher. He threw out the first two runners. The team didn't attempt to steal the rest of the game, or two weeks later when we played them again.

The one way to get ahead of the game as a youth baseball or softball player is to impress coaches with catching prowess. 

Catching instruction with Coach Sullivan will encompass situational knowledge, game management, leadership, and the 5 main catcher skills (Receiving, Blocking, Throwing Out Runners, Plays at the Plate, and Fielding).

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